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Replacement record sleeves question

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  • Replacement record sleeves question

    I know many people prefer not to use re-production sleeves as a matter of principle, but I don't mind using them as a nostalgic aid. However I have a question which I can't find an answer to, where to get reproduction Virgin records sleeves for my singles. I have quite a few virgin releases of the 1977 ish era but many of them are missing the Red/Green sleeves, I know of a few companies who sell repro's, but none of them do Virgin ones. Does anyone know where I can get any of them ?

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    Well.... pretty sure most people on here know my stance on this! But, I'd just go to a shop with a four for a quid bargain bin and just buy a bunch of random records with company sleeves you want. Better still, give the owner the unwanted records back and they'll love you!
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      Not something which I had thought of, but a good idea if you only want a few, I am probably looking for thirty plus. Still it is a good suggestion and something which I will probably end up having to do, Thanks for that !


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        Bear in mind that some of those singles wouldn't necessarily have had the company sleeve when they were first bought. I'll always prefer to get singles in their proper sleeves but in the last few years I've learned of more cases where the original releases just came in plain white sleeves (e.g. the RAK sleeve in my avatar, there's a run of about 20-30 singles in the middle where they temporarily discontinued the company sleeve).

        The guys over on often have a detailed knowledge of these obscure matters!