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Lalo Schifrin tribute gig, March 24th, London

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  • Lalo Schifrin tribute gig, March 24th, London

    if there are any OST/Schifrin nutters on the board who would like to see his best funky stuff played live by a quality band, check this out. i'll be playing some of his music over the tannoy too. should be a good one - the last one at the Jazz Cafe was a big success.

    ‘The Lalo Schifrin Celebration 2’:
    Another evening of his Funkiest, Most Wanted, Dirtiest and Grooviest bad ass TV and Film Themes
    Thursday 24th March 2005
    @ The Spitz,
    109 Commercial Street,
    Old Spitalfields Market,
    London, E1 6BG
    + Licorice Soul Records/ and general ‘Man About The House’ DJ Blaxploitation Ed
    + Projections and visuals from the movies tied in with the music from Oscar nominated gad about town
    Neil Bob Herd & his Punchy Projections
    The tickets for this wonderful event are £10 in advance (+booking fee) and can be bought:
    BY PHONE from
    The Spitz Box Office (10am - 5.30pm Mon - Fri on 020 7392 9032)

    Seetickets (24 hours a day on 087 1220 0260)

    ONLINE from
    (the cheapest booking fee (I think) is from the Spitz box office)

    The Incredibly Strange Film Band
    will perform live on stage playing music from…
    Dirty Harry/Enter The Dragon/Mission Impossible/Mannix/Kelly’s Heroes/Jaws/The Planet Of The Apes (TV Series)/Medical Center/Cool Hand Luke/Bullitt/Magnum Force and more

    It’s the most exciting news in years for fans of Lalo Schifrin, fans of classic TV Themes, fans of dark 70’s funk, fans of cool crime and spy jazz and just about anybody who considers themselves an all-round-take-no-prisoners-soundtrack-loving-mofo. Lalo Schifrin may well be the second hardest working man in show business (we all know Mr James Brown still comes top, even after his many penal code & drug violations). This immensely talented Argentinian composer, pianist and conductor has made many significant contributions to and directly influenced modern American music & culture.

    Most famous for his TV and Film compositions his best scores were always in the adventure field using a trademark fusion of funky backbeats, catchy melodies, screaming orchestra and wild percussion. They were the ultimate combination of symphonic fury with crazy '70s solos and defined many genres like the Police/Cop Thriller and the Kung Fu movie.

    Of course the job of paying tribute to his many themes falls to the ISFB and so for the first time in five years the band have decided to take Schifrin back to the stage in London. This most darkly beautiful of music is rarely heard live (some of it has never been) which makes it all the more a uniquely thrilling and exciting event that’s not to be missed by anyone who digs their proper 70’s funk, Soundtracks, Jazz or those with that eclectic palate and taste which thirsts and craves the wah wah, dissonant brass and dirtbag organ Schifrin’s music provides…

    Lalo Schifrin and his ‘accomplices in crime’

    · Directors - Don Siegel/Peter Yates/Robert Clouse/Stuart Rosenberg/William Freidkin/John Sturges/Clint Eastwood/John Boorman…

    · Actors - Steve McQueen/James Coburn/Robert Mitchum/Bruce Lee/Paul Newman/Jackie Chan/Hal Holbrook/Christopher Lee/Michael Caine/Walter Matthau/Tony Curtis/Robert Duvall…

    · The Movies - Bullitt/Enter The Dragon/Coogan’s Bluff/The Amityville Horror/Rollercoaster/Dirty Harry/Rush Hour/Brubaker/THX 1138/The Cat From Outer Space/The Eagle Has Landed/The Exorcist/Kelly’s Heroes/Cool Hand Luke/The Cincinatti Kid…

    · TV Shows – Mission Impossible/Man from Uncle/The Virginian/The Planet Of The Apes/Starsky & Hutch/Medical Center/Mannix/The Alfred Hitchcock Hour…

    · Musicians - Dizzy Gillespie/Jimmy Smith/Ella Fitzgerald/Stan Getz/Ray Brown/Quincy Jones/Carl Tjader/Sarah Vaughn/Shirley Bassey/Roberta Flack/Placido Domingo/Jose Carreras…

    · Samplers of Schifrin - Portishead/NWA/The Goats/The Wise Guys/A Tribe Called Quest/Cypress Hill/The Herbalizer/Madonna…

    The Incredibly Strange Film Band –
    “over a decade of casual knitwear and wah wah pedals”

    Aside from the sideburns and unusual trouser architecture of their hairy-chested heroes, part of the magic behind cult films and TV series from the 1960s and 70s was their soundtracks. Their music was unique – regularly combining the funkiest of grooves, discordant jazz and impossibly complex arrangements - and alongside unusual camera angles helped define the style of movies of this period.

    At a time when soundtrack racks in record shops are ever widening, striding into the fore come the custodians of the 1970s sound track, The Incredibly Strange Film Band. Having just celebrated their 10th anniversary last year, the role of this London-based film band is to bring this extraordinary music to new ears and to reacquaint older audiences to tunes they have not heard for decades but they can hum so deep-seated are they in their sub-conscious.

    A 10-piece band with brass section and flamboyant guest vocalist, The Incredibly Strange Film Band specialise in the music typical of Lalo Schrifin, who wrote the themes to many top films of this era such as Enter the Dragon, Mission Impossible, Bullitt and the Dirty Harry trilogy. Where else could you hear a rip-roaring rendition of the sounds that accompanied the Robert Shaw-led New York tube train hijacking that is The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3 and the funk magnificence of rain-coated Sidney Poitier in They Call Me Mr Tibbs or blow your mates away to Michael Caine in Get Carter or a composite of Tarantino’s more contemporary Pulp Fiction? Watch your beer tremble to their full-Bassey shaken and stirred rendition of the Bond classic Goldfinger.

    Yet the Incredibly Strange Film Band is not only about playing homage to the music of testosterone-fuelled indestructible blokes with large guns and babes with big hair. Yeah folks, they show a sensitive side too, with the kitsch heartfelt tear jerker, Doris Day’s Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps, the Andy Williams crooner, Music to Watch Girls By and the gonad wrenching falsetto of Sesame Street PLUS an art competition to the vibey vibe of Vision On.

    There is something for 1970s TV watchers too – listeners can practise their bonnet slide to the ISFB’s arrangement of Starsky & Hutch, or can prounce around catsuited to The Avengers, try out Lewis Collins’ patent jaw clenching during The Professionals or simply titter at the memory of the young Roger Moore, black and white and complete with moving face, in The Saint.

    All of this is delivered with a suitable humour befitting their celebration of one of the more eccentric components of our rich TV and cinematic history…
    …to Shaft, to Bond, and Beyond…
    Chops for show, groove for dough.

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    I'll stick this in my diary Edwardo!


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      Oh... yes!
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        sounds good, been meaning to check that band out for a while... looks like a good opportunity for another VV meetup...


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          Lalo was performing in sydney last week with the Sydney Symphony orchestra. I tried to get an interview with him on my show but he was too busy with rehearsals.
          He also had session drummer Grady tate touring with him. I had organised an interview with Mr Tate two weeks ago. He was meant to phone up during my radio show but rehearsals got in the way and he called as I was playing the last track.


          David S.
          God bless Fatso.


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            Lalo... in Sydney? WTF?!!!

            How is it that I missed this? Crap on a stick.



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              If you book through Spitz, you still pay a £1 booking fee, but as it is not their promotion you don't actually book tickets... you reserve tickets and pay on the night.

              Just got me two!
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                So how do we reserve tickets rather than book them?
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                  the gig is coming up this Thursday... should be a good one since Friday is the bank holiday... come down for a bit of Schifrin action and we'll be spinning the new Licorice Soul 45 too!
                  Chops for show, groove for dough.


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                    re: lalo london tribute

                    bummer - can't get down for this, even though lalo is a real hero...any chance of bringing the show up to manchester in the near future? matt & phreds or the mint lounge in oldham st would be 2 good venues...if you think you can pull enough lalo fans out here inthe sticks...!

                    all it takes for evil to flourish...hopefully you know the rest?


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                      What time does it start and end? (I am working friday)
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