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Sonoton - missing info, anyone?

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  • Sonoton - missing info, anyone?


    I'm desperately need some info from Sonoton LPs, but I don't have right now acces to this titles.
    Maybe someone have records listed below and can check english description for this songs?
    I'll be very grateful for any help!

    SON 101 - Amazing Space vol. 1: Alexandra
    SON 101 - Amazing Space vol. 1: Back from Wonderland
    SON 114 - Underwater Vol. 2: Peaceful Nature
    SON 168 - The Micro Chip Revolution: Touch Tone Keyboard
    SON 169 - Scenes and Images. Developing Underlays vol. 1: Genesis 1
    SON 254 - Automotion 2. Future Aspects of Current Pop: Foreground
    SON 254 - Automotion 2. Future Aspects of Current Pop: Star Drops
    SON 261 - Lady Robot. Jingles and Underscores: Disk Drivin' (a)

    Best, Michal

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    I can only help you out with one of them, but here goes:

    Underwater, Vol. 2:

    A1 The Deep 2:57 (Underwater scenes with slight menace)
    A2 Below The Deep 2:20 (Winter scene mood of mystery with menace)
    A3 Even Deeper 2:22 (Dramatic underwater scene danger)
    A4 Wet Suit 2:17 (Underwater scenes)
    A5 Twelve Fathoms 2:09 (Quiet underwater mood)
    A6 Sea Movement 1:54 (Water, sea surface)
    A7 Rising Moon 1:38 (Blossoming)
    A8 Source Of Danger 1:07 (Dangerous, eerie)
    A9 Evening Breeze 2:02 (Smooth waves, melancholy)
    B1 Quiet Water Surface 2:28 (Majestic)
    B2 Strange 2:13 (Unknown, mysterious)
    B3 Trawling 1:44 (School of fish, plankton, light reflections)
    B4 Weeping Eelgrass 1:23 (Peaceful)
    B5 Peaceful Nature 1:46 (Peaceful)
    B6 Fish Of Prey 1:48 (Lurking in a crack)
    B7 Depression 1:27 (Sad, fateful)
    B8 Shipwreck 1:59 (Descriptive)
    B9 Suffocation 1:41 (Tension, danger)
    B10 Multicoloured Corals 1:29 (Colourful underwater scenes)
    B11 Underwater Colours (As above)

    Awesome album, btw!


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      Ah, you only wanted descriptions for those SONGS. Sorry about that.

      (If anyone has a spare copy of Underwater, Vol. 1, give me a shout!)


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        I have Micro Chip Revolution, will dig it out later...
        If you're looking for a pristine copy then this isn't the one for you. The vinyl looks like someone has polished their brickwork with it and the label has been ruined by some fool with a pen.


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          Quivering Crumpet & Sie - thanks a lot!