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Record Collector Antwerp Closed (possibly Moving?)

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  • mr sayers
    From the foto's it looks a great shop, have you ever been there Hayden mate?

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  • Saint Jude
    Here's some video & pics for those that never went.

    Video showing part of the downstairs:


    1 euro room:

    Part of the interior:

    More of downstairs:

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  • Saint Jude
    So it seems that the rock/metal shop that was across the road has moved into the Record Collector premises.

    According to some posts on Recordjunkie, Record Collector will be moving somewhere outside Antwerp:

    Now I know that Record Collector has been slagged off for years for ultra high prices and poor service, but I have a real soft spot for it even though I'd kind of agree with all of those points.

    The owner wasn't that bad once he got chatting and according to him he'd had records nicked by customers and staff (in quantity) before, so that would explain his grumpy demeanour. Bloody hell, aren't second hand record dealers meant to be grumpy anyway?!

    I was so in awe of the vast amounts of stock over 3 floors on my first few visits that I didn't know where to start.

    As with many shops it was once a goldmine of cheap rarities. That Antwerp mod with the one arm (Tim?) once reeled off a list of singles he'd got from the upstairs cheapo section - inc multiples of stuff like I'm Not Ready by Ujima - that made my hair stand on end.

    Even in later years when he closed the upstairs and only had the 1 euro section out the back you could still find good stuff, as new stock was being dumped there regularly. Also if you found out about an under the radar Belgian or Dutch release you could sometimes find it in their boxes, often with a price sticker in Belgian francs!

    I for one am sorry to see it go and hope that it will reappear somewhere else in the future.

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  • Saint Jude
    started a topic Record Collector Antwerp Closed (possibly Moving?)

    Record Collector Antwerp Closed (possibly Moving?)

    This might be old news, but I've just heard that Record Collector in Antwerp closed in August.

    For anyone that can read Flemish, more info is here:

    For anyone who can't, google translates it as:

    ANTWERP - music lovers from far and wide came to the 'Record Collector' in the Long Koepoortstraat . But after more than 30 years it has been . " My health does not want it, so it was time to quit ," says manager Antoine Dhoey . But succession is assured . New record ' The Rocking Bull ' opens its doors Saturday .

    In silence and with regret, attracted Antoine Dhoey ( 67 ) in front of the Record Collector on August 31 close . Since then, many music lovers with big question marks for the once legendary record store in Long Koepoortstraat . The Record Collector was the place to be for anyone who was looking for used CDs and LPs of fifties , sixties , soul, jazz , r & b , funky and progressive music . No commercial things , Antoine went personally to find the gems that he offered in his shop . "People came from everywhere ," he says. " Seven days a week I was working on it. "

    survived crisis

    The first seventeen years he was in a small shop on the Minderbroersrui , another same year he wear in larger premises at Koepoortstraat . But a few years ago hit the disaster struck , when cancer was found Dhoey .

    "I've beaten by me there , but it's never been the same . My wife also worked in the shop and also struggling with her ​​health . I have therefore decided to retire. Otherwise I would continue until I drop , "says Dhoey .

    However still things were going very well at the Record Collector. "There is no question of bankruptcy or something . I had so much experience that I often saw hard times coming. Because I 'm always remain very specific things and sell such a large stock had , I survived every crisis . "

    Iron Maiden beer

    The lease of the property has since been transferred . The new manager Michel Petit is diligently working to refresh the property. A little further down the street he had three years of record ' The Dancing Cow ' .

    " The good news is that it keeps a record store . But with a mix of used , new things and many merchandising . Rock, blues , hard rock . Everything has balls and a guitar , "laughs Petit . And remarkable : you can also drink . " It really set out to create what is to come " chill " . We offer 'Iron Maiden' beer and ' Slayer' - wine . These are things that really exist . This Saturday we hope to open . "And Antoine ? It just keeps looking pictures. "I can not get out of that world . I 'm still at fairs and events of all kinds . " May receive a portion of the stock of Antoine still a place in the new case.