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Custom-made Picture discs/ Coloured vinyl pressings..

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  • Custom-made Picture discs/ Coloured vinyl pressings..

    As i used to work for a Pressing factory in the uk, it always interests me when somebody comes up with new and unique ways of pressing records - I go on another forum - based in the U.S., ran for, and by members of the worldwide Vinyl cutting/Mastering and pressing community called " The secret society of lathe Trolls - it might have been mentioned on here before, but I can't find it in the archives -

    Anyhow, there is a factory in Cleveland, Ohio called Gottagroove records - and these guys are starting to produce some amazing looking product:

    - just checkout the one with the eye!

    We tried to do this kind of thing at our factory (- usually in the dead of night, so no suit knew we were playing with £100,000 machinery!)
    - we had limited results, as we only had " automatic" machines, meaning we couldn't manipulate the machine enough to have enough time in the pressing cycle before the machine pressed the record - and it was very dangerous - sticking your hands into 100-tonne closing force press!

    We did have some success tho - one of mine is actually the 65th rarest record of all the bands from the 2000's - a Libertines 2nd lp - mis-pressed with clear and clack vinyl, creating a " smoke" effect( - ALA crack-pipe smoke going through the vinyl..) valued at about £200 each apparently, according to Record Collector..

    ......the things people get up to in the dead of night, eh?

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    That's a really interesting forum. Anyone with a slight interest in how a physical product like a record is actually made would surely find something interesting in there.
    Those coloured vinyl experiments are completely amazing! thanks for sharing.
    To be honest, I'd have loved to have had a job operating a press, cutting the records and then holding and listening to the finished product in the knowledge
    that I had tried to make the most perfect product I could once it's come fresh off the press.

    Great stuff.
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      Co-sign, thanks for sharing. I was really impressed by some of these ... I don't think any of the coloured wax in my own collection really compares. Intriguingly inridescent.

      I do get a little bored of coloured vinyl being marketed as a novelty, but some of these really do look like works of art. I've never seen some of those techniques before, and the results are absolutely stunning.