Hey all, i havent been able to visit this site in a while due to lack of internet connection. I get here and you have this new board, i likes. I didnt post much at the other board but when i did it was pretty much to talk about mp2000 records.

Anyway i went flea market digging today and picked up this record on Jive. It says Jive Rhythm Trax, there are four songs on each side. No song titles just the B.P.M. and how long it is. It's produced by the Willesden Dodgers. It's a nice little record with just beats it has a sticker on the record cover that says "Loaned for promotion only, not for sale" i'm just checking if anybody knows about it or other jive rhythm trax 12"s.

Oh and i made a post in the home productions forum check out my mix if you get a chance.