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Sending records through MyHermes instead of Royal Mail - anyone tried yet?

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  • Sending records through MyHermes instead of Royal Mail - anyone tried yet?

    Has anyone tried selling single items through MyHermes yet? I'm interested to know both what price they come out at, and experience at the receiving end - has anyone got experience of either..?

    - I've just sent a 15 kilo box of 250 singles to a friend in Wales from the Midlands using MyHermes for....wait for it....

    ..equiv. Royal mail/Parcel force Cost? .......£42...!

    The reason why I ask is, I've just been restricted on ebay from selling, even with 100% - for having to high postal costs ( £4 Lp, 1.50 after / £2.50 single, 50p there after - through Royal Mail, I make not a penny, as - incl. the price of a quality mailer, not that shoddy muck that has already been mentioned, 2 stiffers, and the actual postage cost, sometimes I'm actually losing on post -esp. places like Japan and the Far east - and they cut me off!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I'm now concentrating solely on selling at a decent and fair price on Discogs..cheers all...

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    ..did I mention this was also picked up from home , and has a full tracker service..?


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      £4.50 an lp! is that first class?


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        Guaranteed 24 hour delivery, and tracked ala Special Delivery from the Royal Mail - equiv. £7.60 to the UK - double abroad


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          I haven't tried sending anything yet, but a dealer I buy from most months uses MyHermes. I've been pretty impressed by the service so far. Plenty of communication and the low cost is very welcome.


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            Ive used them several times, all good, I usually use the drop shop rather than waiting in for them to collect. They do seem to take a day or so more than other couriers I have used through the years but for the price they are good, go for it!!