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    Hi there,

    I'm writing from Malaysia and was wondering if anyone can help out as to how to find out how to go about finding distributors of soul/funk/jazz/reissues records - for me to open a record shop over here. There are no record shops here in my country and previous unsuccessful outlets here had meager outdated selections and were pricey too since they buying them retail and then reselling it again! Its not like there are no takers - steady growing numbers of vinyl junkies actually. The only option now is to dig the net and this means agonising waiting times and its costly too when with shipping costs.

    How do I go about finding distributors and getting good prices?

    Really appreciate if you could help out here.

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    best bet is to look on the back of records you like- they sometimes have the distributor's info there..

    other than that, you if you know labels you are after- send them an email and ask who they use..

    i only have experience of using cargo distribution, but they've been fine. no minimum orders etc.. they don't have that many soul funk re-issues, but they do carry a fair bit (stones throw records's re-issues, jazzman, etc..)


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      I think what you'll need to do is test the water first by speaking to one distributor who handles the music that you're looking for, and work out the logistics of getting product out to you from the UK.

      It may be that a different territory handles direct distribution to your country rather than a UK distributor handling it from here. So I recommend you have a word with Kathy @ Timewarp Distribution. She's very friendly and well clued up, and will certainly be wanting to have your I think she'ld be willing to explore the area available to set up an account in Malaysia.

      This is their website;

      Give 'em a mail for the attention of Kathy Furness. From your findings there, then you can probably spread your wings further.


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        soul seduction is a vienna,austria based distributor. they distribute a lot of good stuff and also a wide range of funk-reissues! i've heard is a good one! try it.
        send them a mail with your question.
        can you explain to me what this word means?


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          For psych & funk reissues, try Guerssen records from Spain, good stock and top service:


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            US distributors?

            Thanks for your replies so far! I have contacted some labels and one of them so far has respnded positively which is great. But with the myriad of labels out there, is it that I need to contact each one of them individually to source from them or are there main distributors. Take for example, where do these guys get their records from to sell?

            Anyone know of US distributor contacts for me to follow up with? Looking for funk/soul/disco/reissues/hiphop


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              In Sweden (where I live) I know for a fact that many stores order directly from Dusty Groove - not a distributor, but a store with prices low enough to be of interest for stores. I don't wanna pay the extra money in a store though, so I order directly from Dusty myself and they have great service.

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                Grooveattack are a well known German distributor. What about someone like DMR records in Tokyo! They have three shops, only sell vinyl. It may be quicker for you to get stuff from them, as there closer (but could be more costly as it's Japan!).
                Mark GV Taylor