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  • ebay global shipping program

    wtf is all this about. Just won a 45 for a couple of dollars the dealer is charing me $22 for shipping. I enquire and at first he states that it could come over for $11ish but later writes back :

    "This item is falling under the global shipping program, I have no control over the amount of shipping you pay. That is determined by Ebay and the program. This is why a can't send you an invoice. You will have to pay your shipping to a third party and so on. I don't really understand this global shipping program and I also don't like it."

    No idea how both he and I got into this mess. What I really need to do is filter out low bid items from this kind of program. Can he really not get out of this too?
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    think its all been said before but no overseas buyers buy from sellers that use ebays global shipping program , it does state if they are signed up to it before you bid just below the postage price


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      Can't you arrange with him just to send a gift payment though PayPal?
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        Import Charge Thread

        I would go to My eBay and where you have the drop down box to contact seller etc there should be one called cancel order. I would explain that these additional charges just don't warrant buying the 45 and see if he'll cancel the order (then do it outside of eBay)

        He can opt out of the service, eBay brought it in automatically because nobody in the right mind would opt into it.

        How to opt out


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          I had this recently... some $90 without adding the shipping fees - the details under the exemptions section are a bit vague. There are a number of cases not covered based on delivery destination.

          Bit of negotation with the seller based on the case and the seller took the charges off. Still, when shipped with the correct insurance value and registered you are still going to handle the import duty on arrival at your end.

          Seems a bit crazy for items under $20. For items of a few hundred dollars it kind of makes sense... I think it is supposed to make the shipping straight forward, the import duty having been paid up front the item shouldn't get stuck in customs for a month.
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