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Hepp Anselmo - Walkin Down The Road (Columbia) 45

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  • Hepp Anselmo - Walkin Down The Road (Columbia) 45

    Sorting out a few boxes and I came across this 45 which I think I picked up in a putney charity shop together with a couple of tepid west African 45s.

    i don't have a deck set up so haven't listened to it (expecting uninspiring folk rock, I could be wrong).

    I know there is a Krokodil connection (not that I know much about them), but I don't seem to be able to find any info about it in the usual places (discogs 45cat etc). I expected the Internet to be awash with copies but I can't find anything, even if it (and I assume it should) should have a picture sleeve? I have a photo on my phone but done seem to be able to resize it so I can upload it. I will try when I get to the office

    Does anyone else have a copy or know anything about it?


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    Quick google led me to a track on a Swiss Pop comp called Wallking On This Road by Hepp/Anselmo (1966). Just uploading to dropbox for you.


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      You think that's the right song?


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        Hi Toby

        Yes that's the song, I misremembered the title..

        It is a folky thing isn't it? I'll have to get a deck working and play the other side. I was just curious as usually you can find info about releases, especially when they have connections to better known acts.

        Maybe Swiss vultures know it?


        the monkey speaks his mind