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  • Uploading photos

    Sorry for this topic again but can anyone tell me how to do this ive put pics on photo bucket what do I do next
    Thanks in advance Kenneth
    Btw I'm using an iPad if that makes a difference

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    kenneth - once you've copied the web address of the image on photo bucket, go to the post window on VG+, hit the picture icon (got a tree in it), click From Url (all in white), paste the web address into where it says URL and untick the box where it says - Retrieve remote file and reference locally. Then post your post.

    MODS - Does this no longer work? Makes it easier for people to work it out

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      Just to backtrack a bit, I had problems before, but the Photobucket route is so much easier.
      You've uploaded the photos onto photobucket;
      Click on the one you want to share, it comes up larger
      On the right of the image will be a box with links to share the photo
      You want the IMG one, click on that and it will say copied briefly
      Now you are ready to install into VG+ as eine very succinctly explained above.
      I only spell it out like this because I am the least techy person I know, and I find it quite difficult to find my way around these things initially,and so have sympathy. No patronising intended.
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        I'm on another Vbullietin forum, and on that one, photos can be posted from a mirror site, such as Photobucket, or uploaded directly from your computer. This one appears to offer both as well, but I've never been able to successfully upload one, and can't be arsed to sign up to a photo site.