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  • Printing up posters and flyers


    I'm heading into central London this weekend to find a place to print up Steve's great new Billo poster and sort out some fliers too hopefully.

    Having not done this before can someone give me some pointers as to:

    1 A reliable central London location that will do the job.

    2 The approx number that you would recommend I get printed (posters and fliers.)

    3 is there a minimum print quality or resolution that I should get the posters printed at?

    4 A3 or A4?

    Anything else I should consider in your experiences?


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    Do any of you guys with regular nights do poster runs round the city? I find it so irritating... Going out of my way to get up our Hellfire ones and most disappear instantly (from shops etc.. I don't even bother sticking them in the street as it's pointless!)

    I accept that it's a cutthroat world, but how do people stay motivated to do it?! Do they really bring extra punters in, or are they drowned out in a white noise of other posters?
    Muchos mixes <<<<



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      This is my kind of area as I used to do the promo for a club...As Joe mentioned the whole poster thing is cut throat and is hard for little guys, the big corporate club nights will take your poster down and dominate the spots. If you want them to stay up and have some presence you'll have to be out there everyday with plenty of posters like they are.

      I think facebook/online will be better for what you want, especially if the print is coming out of your pocket. In my experience flyers only worked if there was either some incentive -IE money off entry with them, or if you were target specific with them and entrance/exit flyered similar nights, or handed them out on the night to likely looking punters in the area of the venue.

      If you were going do the route of getting print done, I would only get flyers done, and perhaps 20/30 posters, but do the posters yourself on some decent paper at home. I reckon you only need posters for the venue itself, and a few record shops your in with who will let you put them up in a good spot, perhaps behind the counter where no one can tamper with them. With regards flyers, it would be cheaper if you knew some one else who was getting some done, so you could come in one the back of there print run to make numbers up, it would work out much cheaper

      Hope that's some help Mark mate.

      Shame your not in Newcastle as I could get you a decent price...
      "Hangin' out with you two is like partying with Fugazi"


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        Guys thanks for the advice.

        I think I'm going to do the posters myself, we have a decent printer at school which should do the job.

        I'm only going to try to put them up in record shops and the venue itself.

        As for flyers I might try and print up a load on card at school to see how they come out.

        If you happen to see any Brillo advertisement around I'd appreciate any feedback ( more about the quality of the printing than the art itself which is bloody great imho!)