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Freebies - Free vinyl. Gratis. That you don't have to pay for. No packet required.

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  • Lord Thames
    Can I have Tony Hatch's Love Sounds, Top Hits From England, The Look Of Love, Ray Sylvester, Ed Watson, Roberto Carlos and Ricki Disoni please? Ta!

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  • Agnes_Guano
    Gawd bless all the little vinyl orphans in the workhouse.

    Pepe Jaramillo's Mexicana would do nicely for me please. Ta!

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  • eclectiktronik
    could I take:
    tony osborne,
    and sergio mendes please?

    oh, and sight and sound if available? hope I'm not being too greedy...

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  • reza
    someone's got to grab this purely for this killer version alone

    fabulous version of Woodstock too

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  • Melter
    Can I have the Mike Leander, the Nancy & Lee, Jazz Samba and the Samantha Jones please. Cheers Ben.

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  • Freebies - Free vinyl. Gratis. That you don't have to pay for. No packet required.

    It's that time again. Cover-sheets are down, shelves removed from the wall, paint at the ready and an urgent reassessment of the space required in the bedroom is imminent.

    To this end, the more stuff I can shift in the next two weeks, the better.

    I'm sure everyone knows the drill by now, but just to clarify:

    Shall we say that this is primarily for Forum Members with a minimum of 50 posts? Cuts out the lurker phenomenon eh?

    Please make your choices known within the thread, then wait for me to get in touch with your postage costs (which will be as low as possible as I've got a load of spare mailers to recycle). At that point, I'll provide my Paypal ID and we can tie up the loose ends.

    I don't think it's worth extending this 'offer' to non-UK bods as you'll end up paying as much as 10GBP for what are pretty inexpensive records.

    Pretty sure everything's in very decent condition, but I will check before sending as I don't want to knacker anyone's stylus.

    Sorry that this is a random way of doing this and it's just down to luck and whether you're checking in at the time. We've yet to find a perfect way though, so here goes:

    Light jazz moves. Nice.

    Contour frenzy.

    70s glam weirdness biz.

    MFP frenzy.

    Canon fodder.

    Canon fodder (redux).

    12" = Harry Thuman 'Underwater'. 7" = Cozy Powell 'And Then There Was Skin'.

    Canon fodder III - The Offloading.

    Tagline = "Oooooofff!!" (You have been warned. Fromage alert.)