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  • Albums of the year 2013

    I love album of the year lists and surprised there is not one here already. Anyway here are mine in no particular order apart from the first. Mostly reissues....

    Eduardo Mateo - Solo we Lame on Lion. Utterly can't stop playing this. Uruguayan classic. Essential.

    Lubomyr Melnyk - Corollaries
    Mar Seck LP on Teranga Beat
    I am the Center new age comp on LITA
    Sibylle Baier - Colour Green
    Sugar and spice rockashacka vol20
    Dino valente
    Parquet courts - light up gold
    Kink gong - voices
    Hopeton lewis - take it easy
    Orchestra National debt Mauritannie Lp
    Stand up people gypsy pop on vlax
    Dieuf - dieul de Thies on teranga beat
    Radion GA - lost tapes. Love this crazy romanian.
    Bea Benjamin - African Songbird. What a voice
    London is the place for me 5/6.
    Sleaford Mods
    Kal Marks - Life is Murder

    Some from 2012 I have to mention as they blew me away this year and have been played more than the above:

    Chris Cohen - overgrown path. Amazing album. Somewhere between kings of convenience and the notwist. Love it.

    Mac DeMarco 2.

    Over to you peeps.....
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    mostly listened to music from years gone by this year, of things released this year these have done it for me

    boards of canada - tomorrows harvest (1st)
    benji vaughn - even tundra
    doc delay - morgan
    goat - ballroom ritual (late contender for my list)
    mona and maria - my sun


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      I've only bought one new LP this year, so here's my number one! -White Fence ‎– Cyclops Reap, only had it on a couple of times, need to revisit if I'm honest, as the I only thing I know well off it is the single 'Pink Gorilla'.
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        Very little new stuff aquired in 2013. The standout for me was: Webster Wraight Ensemble - No Lucky Days. Big band jazz with a soul infused lushness at it's heart. Lovely.
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          My non-exhaustive, strictly personal, in no real order after Foxygen top 5 of 2013 is:

          FOXYGEN: We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Love & Magic
          MATT BERRY: Kill The Wolf
          BUCOLICA: The House In The Woods
          DOLLY DOLLY: Antimacassar

          The record I have listened to most is The Velvet Underground's White Light, White Heat, which I have listened to at least once every day since August 23rd. This started as a bit of fun and an attempt to reconnect with my teenage self, and has now become an extraordinary pleasure. I do worry sometimes that I may have had something to do with Lou Reed's death.
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            In no particular order, NEW lps for 2013;
            Goat- World Music
            Unknown Mortal Orchestra-II
            The Focus Group- Elektrik Karousel
            White Fence- Cyclops Reap
            White Fence- Live In San Francisco
            Jacco Gardner- Cabinet Of Curiosities
            Boards Of Canada- Tomorrows Harvest
            The High Learys- Here Come The High Learys
            The Living Eyes- s/t
            The Resonars- The Greatest Songs Of
            Night Beats- Sonic Bloom
            The Soundcarriers-The Other World Of The Soundcarriers
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              Off the top of my head

              Foxygen - We Are...
              Action Bronson - Blue Chips 2
              Ka - The Night's Gambit
              Adrian Young & Ghostface Killah - 12 Reasons to Die
              Ty Segall - Sleeper
              White Fence - Cyclops Reap
              RP Boo - Legacy
              Prodigy and The Alchemist - Albert Einstein
              Hookworms - Pearl Mystic
              Adrian Young presents The Delfonics
              Nicole Willis - Tortured Soul

              Still have the Roc Marciano album tomorrow and Goat Live, Toy (listening to this now), Snoop/Dam Funk, White Fence Live, Unknown Mortal Orchestra to listen to this week.,


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                SECONDED on the Soundcarriers, Goat , Focus Group and Goat

                Added to

                Still Corners Strange Pleasures
                Laura J martin Dazzle Days
                Broadcast Berberian Soundstudio OST

                AND RE-ISSUE OF THE YEAR

                Joseph Byrd ‎– NYC 1960–1963 (Damn shame it wasn't on Vinyl)
                sigpicRock on Penderyn


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                  Originally posted by Billy Dynamite View Post
                  Ka - The Night's Gambit
                  Excellent album.


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                    On a completely different slant I think Silence Yourself by Savages & Slow Focus by Fuck Buttons were both tremendous albums this year.
                    I'm trying to find something you don't like...


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                      Of late, I have just started enjoying the new(ish) Earthless LP 'From The Ages' and its relentless (but not mindless) psychedelic riffing - five tracks, just over one hours worth of altered consciousness.

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                        Can't believe I forgot to mention MBV in my earlier post.


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                          Originally posted by ginghamkitchen View Post
                          Of late, I have just started enjoying the new(ish) Earthless LP 'From The Ages' and its relentless (but not mindless) psychedelic riffing - five tracks, just over one hours worth of altered consciousness.

                          Crikey, a fellow Earthless fan! Don't tell me you like Purling Hiss too?
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                            I do now!
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                              Just going back through my iTunes to see if I can list some of my favourite hip hop mixtapes of the last year. I didn't listen to quite as much hip hop as the year before but all these got muliple reloads.

                              Starlito - Cold Turkey (I really need to download Fried Turkey, like now)
                              Migos - YRN (the children of Future and Gucci Mane let rip with ridiculous hooks, trap sounds and bird impressions)
                              Tree - Sunday School 2 (Gravel voiced dude from Chicago kills it)
                              Gucci Mane - Lean (the best of a trilogy from the hardest working man in Atlanta)
                              Gunplay - Acquitted (I actually didn't listen to this half as much as 601 & Snort but I just wanted to get some Gunplay in my list)
                              Ka - Knights Gambit (see above)
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