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pops and crackle on new vinyl (the returned soundtrack)

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  • pops and crackle on new vinyl (the returned soundtrack)

    So i bought the soundtrack for "the returned" on a recommendation of a friend, i've not yet seen the tv series its from but man the soundtrack is great, right up my street...

    Anyway, i opened the sealed package last night and gave it a spin on my record player, i was admittedly more than a bit pissed but did notice some surface noise in a few of the quieter parts of the record... on investigation this morning seems there's quite a bit of surface noise/ crackle on a lot of tracks and even some rhythmic popping (suggesting a mark/scratch on the vinyl) on side one track 6 which is not great is it. Visual inspection reveals a few light marks but i can't see a mark where the pop happens...

    Admittedly i do not buy a huge amount of brand new vinyl and most of my collection has been bought second hand but i do buy enough new to say that its quite rare in my case at least to hear such things on a brand new record. I have a nice turntable/stylus system so i'm sure it ain't down to that.

    Anyone else bought this LP? Have I bought a duff one?

    What would you guys do? Send it back? Or is it just par for the course...

    And hey, enjoy the christmas break if indeed thats your thing

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    Give it a good clean and try again.
    It's not uncommon for new records to have surface noise. If still no good send it back


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      Just this morning I was playing a brand new bought sealed copy of Etta James Good Rockin mama on Ace Records too discover side 2 has a scratch right across the whole side even onto the label.
      I've never had this before on a brand was an Xmas present too, so quite disappointing.
      I will contact the person who gave it to us and have it returned, because I think the store who's sold the lp ought to be made aware of it.
      It could be interesting to know if they have had problems like it before.
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        Lots of new sealed records end up being scratched or play badly - especially new indie records. Whereas I find a lot of new house records are warped or have pressing flaws.


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          It's worth pointing out that shrink wrap can be applied more than once!
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            Originally posted by ginghamkitchen View Post
            It's worth pointing out that shrink wrap can be applied more than once!
            An old trick that was practiced by a very large music retailer on Oxford Street.
            some times play g+ with back noise,some times vg , super psyché juju lpfront sleeve is very nice vg back vg , but the top corne left is eating buy rats, ask for picture


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              The store where the Etta James lp was contacted and they have offered to replace it thankfully.

              I have come across pressing flaws ( too!! ) many times, most of which I can live with. But a scratch across a whole side!? Also I never buy a new lp and try not to buy new sealed lp's at all without checking for warp's! As again there's been too many instances where records have been quite badly buckled.
              All the sounds around you seem to have a new meaning.


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                Yeah earlier in the year I got a re-issue which was warped horribly. Side effect of tight shrink wrap?