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2013 Secret Santa Thank You Thread

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    The Michael Garrison Lp was sampled by DJ Shadow for High Noon if memory serves...... the track take off ,nice listen. His album Prisms is great too
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      Lee Dorsey – The New Lee Dorsey
      Timmy Thomas – Why Cant We Live Together

      Lee Rogers – I want you to have everything/Our love is more
      The Fabulous Echoes – A Little Bit of Soap/Do the mashed potatoes
      Rex Garvin – Queen of the gogo/The other man
      Homer Banks – 60 minutes of your love/I know you know I know I know
      Bern Elliot – Nobody but me/Money
      Johnnie Morisette – I don’t need nobody but you/Black night
      Little Milton – Let’s get together/I’ll always love you

      An absolutely lovely selection of records from Santa. Its taken me a little while to respond as I havent really had time to listen until today and the Lee Dorsey record has been on constant rotation... Its one of those records that I had seen and always thought about picking up but never come across a copy in reasonable nick... It is a great record, exactly the type of sound I am listening to at the moment, and there is so much more on there than Working in the Coalmine and Get Out of My Life, Woman

      The Timmy Thomas is great too, I had the 45 but there are some ace tunes elsewhere in this record.

      Finally (and by no means least), a huge selection of 45s taking in mod sounds, northern soul, beat and some popcorn from Hong Kong... I knew some of the artists but didnt know any of the tunes. I have been blown away by Santa's generosity

      Thank you Santa! And thank you everyone who took part... If you havent posted in this thread, please do so

      Happy new year everyone...
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        I love secret Santa.
        How does he know what I like?????

        Vocal jazz from 1977. I must confess that I had low expectations when I put it on the turntable. Side one was nice, if somewhat cocktail-y
        But WAIT! What's this? The last track on side one, Chiapas, is a blinder. So good in fact that Alan put it on his swap CD last year
        Thanks Santa

        I gave this a few spins over Christmas and its very good indeed. I've always had a bit of a soft spot for Frank Foster so I was intrigued by this record lead by Ronnie Matthews about whom I know nothing
        The first track is a killer
        And imagine my surprise when it turned up on one of this year's swap CDs!

        Thanks Santa - you can come down my chimeny any time!
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          imageshack continues to grind my nads but I haven't managed to get a new pic hosting thing going. But hopefully this is visible.

          Anyway this is my haul. Bryn Howarth is the mid 70s lp from former Fleur De Lys guitarist, I'm guessing this was a search function job as I mentioned not buying it in Fuz's UK Country thread, and the track selected by Fuz is indeed good.

          Hookfoot have been stalking me this year as I've seen four different albums by them. I like them though I think they are perhaps a little middle rank as early 70s bands go. But a sound i still enjoy.

          Joe Byrd and The Field Hippies is a United States offshoot and even odder. Top stuff.

          Gordon Jackson is the lovely Sunbeam reissue and is a good album. I knew a track from one of Rich Hero's swap CDs so great to explore

          Last and by no means least is McCoy Tyner. I have a couple of his albums and look forward to further listening as in many ways piano has become one of my more favourite instruments in jazz. Not sure where this fits in his canon but on casual listening seems less experimental than some of his stuff. Which may be both good and bad. One of the albums of his I have is experimental meaning fusiony and not necessarily in a good way though another has an interesting african angle. I think this is from the 60s rather than 70s so is more acoustic and straightahead.

          Anyway great stuff. Put it this way I could easily have bought any of these, bar Bryn which history ahs shown I did not buy, but I might have bought that if it hadn't been £5.99 on the monday after a heavy weekend (every way including financially) away. So thanks Santa, call it a result.
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