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  • Help needed from the 'board

    can anybody help me out here, i recently had a small fire at my 'crib' and unfortunately lost a load of me much loved lp's,
    if possible (throwing mesel' at the mercy of board members)
    could anybody cdr me some/any of the following-(i will supply cdrs and postage)
    Salena Jones-Moment of truth
    London Moods orch-The lush sounds of..
    Tony osbourne-Brass and ivory
    The Peddlers-Freewheelin' and Suite London
    this would be greatly appreciated as these are some of my all time fave lps, and really is only a fraction of what i lost (including loadsa librarys,snif&#33
    derelicts of dialect

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    I can help you out with the Peddlers and the London Moods - send me your address.
    "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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      phew! just wrestled the computer off the kids, your'e a diamond LBDB, i'll contact you with the address, any help is mucho appreciado!
      derelicts of dialect