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  • Financial Times record taste

    Found a copy from dec 28th on the bus, and looked at the record reviews. The jazz and classical section were no surprise, but I wondered what was in the pop section?

    To my astonishment Roky Erickson, Four Tet and the reissue of Blo...

    Not what I expected readers of Financial Times to be interested in...
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    You´d be surprised. In the 80s the daily British broadsheets hardly bothered with popular music at all.
    The only one I remember was Robert Sandall at the Telegraph and the Sunday Times, who blended a necessarily dry public school style with a genuine interest in experimental music.
    The music press seemed to give up on in-depth music journalism at about the same time as glossies like Q and Mojo surfaced. Those mags, I guess, alerted the dailies that they could fill pages of their lifestyle pages with pop music, and they raided plenty of journalists from the inkies as a result.
    Nowadays, One Direction and Beyonce lps get tons of coverage in the dailies, who seem to want to be Smash Hits, Mojo, Mixmag and Wire all at the same time. Maybe the FT wants to offer a more specialised service?


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      It's good that the FT covers such albums, but I find the reviews themselves frustratingly banal. The biggest surprise of last year was seeing Mark Fry's new album reviewed in the Sun! And of course Stewart Lee has long covered uncommercial records in the Sunday Times, often in rather ludicrous language. Here's what he said about the latest Fall album last year: 'Mark E Smith disparages individuality, but his krautrockabilly template is bevelled by Pete Greenway's retro-futuristic twanging. Kinder Of Spine uses shards of 1960s pop 7ins as scaffolding for Smith's unhinged recitations, Dracula's psychic slave Renfield gobbling arachnids. And the refining of No Respects Rev's piledriving progress with trebly strumming three minutes in finds Philip Glass steering Hawkwind's spaceship.'
      Must grade overall visually at least as Good minus!!! (graded STRICTLY to the UK RRPG standards, not overgraded AT ALL!!!)