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  • Johnny Harris interview

    I had the very great pleasure of interviewing Johnny Harris last autumn, and the piece I wrote has gone online today:

    Given who I was writing the article for I stuck mostly to the Welsh aspects of his career, though obviously I had a long list of Vinyl Vulture-type questions up my sleeve to ask as well if the need arose . One I did manage to ask was about Petula Clark's version of 'Rain'. Unfortunately (if understandably) he didn't have a particularly clear memory of it, but he did say that he thought it had been Tony Hatch's suggestion to do the song in the first place.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy the piece. I can confirm that he is a lovely man.
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    Really good read. Thanks for sharing that Graham. Nice selection of clips. Has there been a favourite Johnny Harris tune thread before? Better get one going
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      Thanks for doing this, been a fan of his stuff for years great to read the background
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        Lovely interview - thanks!


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          A lovely read - thanks!
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            Thanks all - glad you've enjoyed it!

            I'm heading over to the other JH thread. . .
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              Originally posted by pitch View Post
              A lovely read - thanks!
              Cosign that. Interesting that he knew some stuff about Tammy St John too. Sourcing any information on her was nigh on impossible as she seemed to just vanish into thin air.
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                Many thanks for this - loved it
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