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Do you guys still have a mixes section?

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  • Do you guys still have a mixes section?

    I'm editing this for being a plonker. Just found the mixes section. Ha. I'm tired and it's been a long day.

    Hello . It's many a year since I've been on here. Life get's in the way and all that. I wonder if you still have a mixes section. I love to catch up with some fine funky mixes of weird-out music. Thanks. Currently got the Belgian 45's mix on. Very good.

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    I think it's cos the mixes section disappears if you're not logged in. Not sure that's the right way to have it cos surely if people make mixes they want them to be heard. Or do they wanna keep 'em secret? I don't know what people want any more but for me I'd rather have them available for all to hear.


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      Yes. That would be better. But logging in and being part of the community is nice too, and If I remember right, you are all very nice so that's not a bad thing per se. Don't think your alone in not knowing what people want anymore. We are in such a throw away society nobody knows what they really want anymore... I'm standing well back now and letting the VG+ flood gates open with the sarcasm and loathing that I remember so fondly. Don't let me down chaps.