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    I've got I'm The One and hence Pony. What other stuff is worth getting? Is it all as batty and interesting as this? I've got an MP3 of Survival and that's pretty good, too. I've also heard most of Acrobat's Heart and that reminds me a bit of Bjork and Stina Nordenstam, but is more home listening material.

    What about the Carla Bley collaborations...?

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    'REVENGE' is one of the best LPs EVER MADE.

    kraut rock ist nicht tot!


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      Whats the Bill Bruford lp like? <- Changed URL


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        I have ‘Bruford/Feels good to me’ which as an album is a bit out there for me. Its not an album that I’m into, but I do enjoy the tracks with Peacock ‘Back to the beginning’ being particularly superb.
        There’s a drumbreak at the start of one of the tracks (which to be honest is the sole reason I bought the album).


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          the bruford one is pretty good (in the immortal words of boney fresh this record is 'worth gettin') features dave stewart from the mighty "egg" on key boards. A.P. is on top form (better than her later albums)

          she turned David Bowie down when he asked her to produce an album for him too. coooooooooel.
          kraut rock ist nicht tot!


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            [QUOTE=DOKO*ENO]'REVENGE' is one of the best LPs EVER MADE.

            Hey... sounds intrigeuing... especially given your flair for kraut...
            Could you sum up the sound?
            "Only one thought left, that makes me come alive,
            and that is you and me side by side, on the licorice ride"