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eBay Phishing Variation

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  • eBay Phishing Variation

    I'm sure we're all *way* too savvy to get caught out on this... but something to bear in mind.

    Basically, the email will not only appear to be from eBay, but also will initially also have a legit eBay url (not the usual IP address routing), before being routed on somewhere else.

    In short. Ignore any emails from eBay until they patch this up (ie only allow routing to specific IPs) and only make contact directly into the site.
    Matt Hero

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    I think there was a Gmail one going about as well - it looked dodgy (phishy?) anyway.

    Thinking of setting new rules on my Mail client to bounce everything from anyone not in my address book anyway...


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      I used to get these quite often, haven't had one in a while tho.

      You can just delete them, but ebay, do ask you to send them on, to them, if you can be bothered that is.


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        I usually send them on to eBay - it's the best way of getting these bast***s banged to rights.