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  • Very Good Top 100 @ Forumusic

    I hope Ian doesn't mind my doing this, but I've just noticed that he's put up a VG+ classics chart over on forumusic:

    By his own admission this is not an attempt at a definitive top 100, but it certainly features a lot of LP's discussed on this board and VV over the years.

    I thought it was pretty interesting.

    Any comments on what is missing, should be added or taken off?!

    What's the LP next to Bobby & Betty btw. I don't recognise it...
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    Del Shannon - Further Adventures Of Charles Westover


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      Interesting, not quite how i would have pictured it (COLLAGE - "kadriko"? Really?)
      I have almost exactly half of them... Better get cracking on the others...
      Muchos mixes <<<<



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        Yes - an interesting and sometimes surprising selection of what's been talked about here! I have just over half of them.... and it's reminded me of a few more that I'd like......
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          Dont recollect Libaek's Australian Suite ever being mentioned anywhere , anyone have a spare as its been on my wantlist for bloody years


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            Would have thought there'd be more eastern european records. Pepita, the Polish Jazz series, Amiga (Hallo 5?) but all in all this looks accurate .
            All the Wolpertingers


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              Great stuff Ian. A nice collective of VV/VG+ records (although a couple I'm not familiar with at all).

              Should The Hanged Man and Drama Suite both be included as they're one of the same?

              I have 70 (including 4 reissues).
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                86, what do I win?


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                  I own, or have owned, a quarter of them. There's a few missing from my mental top 100 - Electric Mud, Carol Lee Scott, for example - but that was always going to happen.

                  There were also a couple I wouldn't immediately think of VV/VG+ - The Cool, Collage, Jazz Goes Baroque. There are also some that I know are big favourites round here - Melody Nelson, USA - but I don't see them as being specifically VG+, despite the fact they do represent a lot of what we discuss. That said, I was surprised by no Can or Hazlewood and I'd say the same about those.

                  All in all, pretty spot on!
                  Mixes, compilations and the like


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                    Is the Trader Horn in there because of a certain thread that can arguably claim to have a degree of notoriety attached?
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                      84. Beaten by Mark - curses. Pretty good overview I'd say. Only omissions IMHO are 'Soul Cure', John Cameron 'off centre' 'working in a soul mine' and any proper KPM representation beyond the Mohawks.
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                        63. Must dig harder.
                        Drastically reduced to 72p


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                          Nancy Priddy - You've Come This Way Before

                          I'd have thought that that would be on the list tbh.
                          some times play g+ with back noise,some times vg , super psyché juju lpfront sleeve is very nice vg back vg , but the top corne left is eating buy rats, ask for picture


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                            73 - nice list with plenty that i wouldn't expect to see - which is no bad thing
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                              I have 12. The fact that I have lost my copy of Kadriko still pains me.

                              I thought the inclusion of LPs like that was great - it represents the odd tangents and pivots we spin off onto on here.
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