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  • Help Required Please

    Hello, in need of a bit advice about my decks setup and stylus's. I would really appreciate anyone's help coz I'm getting desparate.

    I bought a pair of Stanton Discmaster II's but the sound quality is crap. The sound is not as sharp or crisp as it should be but instead it sounds frayed and kind of gravelly. On some tracks it is not noticable but any track with a heavy bass is totally ruined. I have tried loosening the connection and every possible balancing weight for the tonearm.

    I have established that it is not the needles because I took them back the shop and there is no problem, so it must be the way I am setting them up.

    They sound fine through my headphones but not through the speakers. So maybe a problem with amp or speakers right? But when I put my old stylus in the sound quality returns.

    I am confused. Please make any suggestions. Thanks