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Very boring Audacity question

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  • Very boring Audacity question

    Sorry, my 2 year old daughter is obsessed with the computer and pushing buttons. Anyway I had Audacity open recording something and she pushed something and now the channels have a pale grey band in the middle from -0.5 to 0.5, darker gray bands outside of this and thin blue borders at the edge. It doesn't seem to effect anything in any major way I can tell, but I would like it back how it was. Anyone help please?

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    Not at the audacity computer right now, but I think you'll just need to press the button just over the looking glass.


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      Spot on! Thank you!


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        Audacity has given me much frustration over the years. I've never been able to lay down a mix that sounds good.

        wasted an hour recording a mix at the end of last year and it sounded like it was being played underwater............don't have the patience to play around with a laptop for hours and it's always been a bit trial and error for me.

        did a search for an alternative and found this;

        ... initially been put off by the price tag (approx £85 for a bit of plastic; the memory has to come from your own usb) but i've talked my mate into possibly going halves on one which we can share.

        Anyone used these; good or bad?


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          Re: underwater/tin sound, I get the same problem every time i install a new windows OS, turns out Microsoft decided to automatically "enhance" the sounds
          these steps fixed it for me

          Basically you disable the sound enhancements of the OS, then set the correct input in the Audacity menu


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            I had too many Audacity issues on my Linux computer so I used Traverso DAW as an alternative. Actually, I like this one even more than Audacity so if someone here is looking for an alternative, you can try Traverso.