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    Hi all
    Would like you to contribute some thoughts to my paper 'zine if you wish.
    This is like a small survey, post answer here or PM me - and I'll put the various thoughts together for a small article.

    The question is:

    Regardless of what type of music you start collecting, if you keep going long enough, do you think there is any single album or artist that will eventually end up in ever record collectors collection?

    (yah, if you read Vinyl Junkies this is kind of a rip-off on a conversation in it...)
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    This might be the obvious answer but I think the closest you would ge would be The Beatles. Firstly, they make decent stabs at a whole heap of genres and 'invent' many more so it would be hard to follow any particular line and not find something The Beatles did that doesn't either satisfy or pre-date it (aka the Tomorrow Never Knows factor). Secondly, there are so many cover versions of Beatles songs, there's a good chance they'll sneak in by the back door. Thirdly, they sold so many records you're going to have tpo try pretty hard not to come face to face with a Beatles record somewhere along the line. Fourthly, it also helps that they're brilliant or, at the very least, an awful lot of people think they're brilliant. Fifthly, how can you not like Ringo?
    Mixes, compilations and the like


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      Originally posted by Little Jimmy Oddman
      Fifthly, how can you not like Ringo?
      don't know. i like ringo (even if he's singing)!!!:-)
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