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IKEA to discontinue Expedit?

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    Originally posted by Plainstone View Post

    ...Derek & Clive did adverts in Japan?

    No mention of Kallax on Ikea's dutch site, and our local shop still has plenty of Expedit in stock including 49 5x5's. So it's not a universal change. Not yet, anyway.
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      Originally posted by mr sayers View Post
      Me too, I've still got singles that need storing properly !

      These are great and fit in the expedit

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        Se German Facebook Protest has doubled its size since yesterday (10'000 now) I think, and the (non-)story got picked up by mainstream media.

        (Not an Ikeaman myself, I prefer a modular industrial classic called Errex ).

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          Originally posted by Plainstone View Post
          One man's Herring pickles are verily another man's bag of unmentionables.

          I'm sure you ate worse looking things when you were over here
          Well much of what we ate was of course beautifully presented. Though monja looked like the bag of puke without the bag.
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            any excuse to post this.
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              Originally posted by Sam View Post
              I see (by using Google Translate) that 'expedit' is Swedish for 'clerk' or 'assistant', whereas 'Kallax' is a village in Northern Sweden. Clearly there is no comparison.
              This post has made me chuckle for five solid minutes.


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                Originally posted by Milesago View Post
                ...Derek & Clive did adverts in Japan?

                Formerly, lecturer at the University of Rome, with two commas and a full stop in the normal way.



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                  My girlfriend will be celebrating this news!

                  For the last few years I have been trying to persuade her that getting a 4th Expedit was a good idea as it will mean no more records on the floor.

                  Her counter argument is "until that one is full!"


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                    I guess now's the time to start stockpiling em! My friend already bought 4 expedits and kept in boxes, so when the time comes when she needs another, just unpacks one. Might just do that myself...