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Anyone going to see Goblin in Manc this week?

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  • Anyone going to see Goblin in Manc this week?

    Or seen them anywhere else on this tour, how are they sounding?

    Me & my special lady are going on Wednesday, looking forward to it.

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    I saw em here in Cleveland back in December. Pretty good I'd say. Some songs are definitely performed better than others. At times it can sound cheesy, but overall I enjoyed it. They used a projector to show scenes from the movies they did soundtracks for, which really made it a special experience. I wasn't a fan of the opener, Zombi. Too proggy for my liking.


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      Cool, hopefully they've tightened up a bit from the touring, and I can always handle a bit of cheese.

      Fingers crossed.


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        Yes! really looking forward to it.


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          Yup! There's YouTube clips from Sunday in London thought look suitably scary / fromagey!
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            Don't forget they play Bristol tonight!

            About to set off for the venue in a spell. Braced for funky prog cheez.


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              Liked them, lot of fun. A robust set of the classics!

              Felt naked without a beard, though - facial fuzz was virtually mandatory amongst the audience.

              Simonetti's orgasmic rawk gurning whilst tinkling the synthetic ivories was a little cringeworthy, but the music mitigated that.

              ... was also quite comic to discern the crowd of largely black-clad rock afficionados collectively getting down to the irresistible Euro-disco of the Tenebrae theme!

              I'm not sure why anyone would criticise a cheesy prog band for being proggish or serving the fromage - for that is what they are. Best bits for me were the extended, indulgently wank-tastical passages added to Dawn of The Dead, etc. Also reminded me how jazzy and reminiscent of fusion parts of their work are.

              My two companions and I both thoroughly enjoyed it, as did the maestro himself - definitely worth attending, if you're a fan of their oeuvre.

              Only downside: no Goblin t-shirts left in 'L' size on the merchandise table. Sob.


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                Ooh I forgot about merch!!
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                  That was fun. I think the merch table was underestimated even hidden in the loft.