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  • What are your favourite genres?

    Hello again,

    I guess all, if not most, VeryGoodPlus users have a common theme in terms of what kind of music they represent. Like serious record collectors interested in the obscure or something. There is also an online compilation of tracks which describes many peoples' passion quite well, I think: Strange Sweet Sounds presents Tema '65. "Strange sweet sounds", that's it. I wonder, what are the musical genres you like the most, you have the most records of, etc.?

    I start with my own:
    I think of my own musical library and my preferences as two-fold: the easy and the groovy world. Easy is from late Fifties to late Seventies, mainly late Sixties and early Seventies. Then the groovy R&B world, more in the Seventies, with jazz-funk, disco, fusion etc. I'm here with VeryGoodPlus for the easy and library stuff, and on for that second part. I love lush jazz orchestra sounds and Brazilian stuff. Rock music I only occasionally listen to, Reggae, Hip-Hop or Rock 'N Roll not at all.
    Easy Sounds channel
    Easy Sounds blog

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    Hola, Diskos! I quite like the way you pointed out the sound preferred. Easy and groovy stuff is what perfectly can replace each other. Now your mood is 'in the groove' and then is willing to be 'easily' treated.
    Being a starter-plusser with a strong point in terms of what music to represent and to be represented by I daresay my road is parted by passion for literally everything invested with the B-boy breaks and love for post-punk/new-wave genres. It may seem odd how could in fact these two ramifications have chained my heart and soul though it is!
    Besides it`s been a long while I`ve been catering a self-imposed notion that I tend to appeal to those two depending upon my treatment of this particular day, my mind state and even my outfit all right!