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  • Hava Nagilah

    Hello Vultures.

    Over the last few days I have been sorting out my lp's and deciding which ones to keep and which to ditch/trade/sell.
    Due to a busy schedule the only time I can prooperly listen to these is while driving in my car so I have been putting them on tape.
    I was listening to TRUMPET AGOGO 2 by Hans Last when the old trad standard "Hava Nagilah" came blasting outta my spekears.
    Now as much as I love this track, Mr. Lasts version didn't do it for me.
    I started thinking about other versions I have of this tune and was wondering if any of you had any favourites.
    Here's mine..........

    1. Dick Dale and the Del-tones
    2. Percy Faith (disco version)
    3. Jimmy Sullivan (on FOLKLORE WITH A BEAT)
    4. The Spotnicks
    5. 101 Strings

    David S.
    God bless Fatso.