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  • Randy Crawford question

    She did an alternative version of Street Life in early 80's. Where can I find this on wax? Does it exist on 12"?

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    You don't mean the live version on the flip of the Secret Combination 12" do you?


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      hmm, actually it doesn't sounds like beeing a live version..But I'm not completely shure. It has a more tight 80's feel to it. The last part of the soung features heavy congas.


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        This is an okay live version which does have a bit of a conga swell at the end, I think, but maybe there's another one. If you want it drop me a PM with your mail and I'll rip it later and send it over.

        Just discovered another version sitting on my pc which sounds a little more 80s, slightly heavier beat, slightly faster (?) and with some conga work under the keyboard solo....goes straight into the song without the big strings lead-in...
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