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    Apologies if I'm super late with this one but I've just come across this group by accident through searching for obscure movies on YouTube.

    I couldn't find any reference to them through the sites search engine.

    I think they are Canadian and basically what they do is cover obscure mainly European soundtracks and more recently library music by artists such as Bruno Nicolai, Morricone, Alain Goraguer, John Carpenter, Goblin, etc.

    I'd be interested to know people's thoughts. Personally I think they're great. I don't own any of their releases yet but I'm definitely going to try and hunt them down. They have three releases according to Discogs. The first of which looks to be super limited (200.)

    Here are a couple of links to their tracks which have cool videos taken from the original films to go with them.

    My favourite is the cover of Morricone's theme from Inga which disappointingly doesn't appear to have been released yet. I must have listed to this 20 times over the last couple of days!

    Again apologies if this is yesterday's news!

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          I assume from the lack of interest that this is old news???


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            Hi Mark.... I know of them - just have their latest release, which as you have said, is rather good

            You might like this too:


            (on same label)
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              this was news to me - both old and new releases - cheers
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                They sound quite similar but worse than the originals, not sure i see the point in this?
                Muchos mixes <<<<

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