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    Does anybdy remember the story behind the myth? I seem to remember that it was a fictional band made up by a couple of dealers..

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    From what I remember it was a couple of guys returning by train from a buying trip to London who made up the band name, inspired by the bristly black strip on the bottom of the train door. They advertised it (in RC?) and subsequently had calls from well known dealers saying "I know where you got that from and how much you paid." Or something like that

    North of the River Cole


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      Ah yes, that's brought it back..I think there are still people claiming the " Dodo resurrect ion" lp exists too..


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        It was a couple of the blokes from Funhouse Records based in Margate and the bristles under the old compartment doors on trains from London were indeed the inspiration. It regularly appeared in the wants ads at the back of Record Collector for a while.


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          Has anyone subsequently recorded it. I think this happened with an invented nrothern soul record that someone put on a list (Going For Myself?).

          Seems no end of this sort of thing, e.g. Nurse list invented names (or thought to be) subsequently used by new bands.
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            I presume this is well known: some of the credits on the two Psychedelic Salvage Co LPs are made up, as the found tapes were unmarked/uncredited, but also some of the material was recorded by Nick Saloman AKA The Bevis Frond to pad the LPs out to 20 minutes a side. I never learned the exact details, but Purple Scurf and Oswald Slagge seemed like likely candidates, and I always thought Ptolomy Psycon was one too (suspiciously reminiscent of Ptolemaic Terrascope) until a copy of the 10 inch turned up. Even then, I still wasn't convinced.
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              Here's a googletranslated record we invented many years ago as an Aptil Fools joke. Some people didn't recognize the date it was published and asked us where they could buy it.

              Unfortunately the nice fake sleeve with a modified Grand Royal logo we did appears to have been lost in the mists of time...

              (also I see the translation messed up the record title which should of course be Grind Royal)

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