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Aorta French press question

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  • Aorta French press question

    Bought a copy of this classic album over the weekend. Its in a single sleeve cover with a lot of the credits omitted (Photo's by X)

    Is this a Boot or a legit release. I see from Discogs it was released in Germany but no other info.

    Any info from the board?

    Best Regards
    sigpicRock on Penderyn

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    As far as I know it was US and Germany only. Perhaps your copy is this?


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      I've never seen a French press of Aorta but thats not to say it doesn't exist. A photo of the label would help.
      I like the comment about the Euro boot issue on discogs "European bootleg issue pressed on wonderful vinyl. Better than the original cheap 1969 USA pressing".

      Why would anyone think a euro boot would be better than a 1969 USA Columbia pressing??? Or am I missing something?
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        There's a French press of Aorta, I have one, it's a legit press from the 70's.


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          Thanks guys. Its a great album and nice to see it was released far and wide
          sigpicRock on Penderyn