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    This story goes back about 5,6 years ago. Sub titled "How a £1 dig ends up getting featured in Record Collector magazine"
    Today was a digging day i had decided to hit 3 towns and end up at my mates in the third town. Vestax portable with new batteries loaded into rucksack and into the car. First town hit was Evesham loadsa chazzas here, house clearance shops and a record shop! Nothing scored here it gets caned by the manic obssessives who live there. Next town hit was Tewksbury, i already know that there are 5 chazzas here worth checking and the house clearance shop. 1st shop has vinyl but its dross waiting to go to the tip. I also check quickly, mens clothes, books, collectables, videos if in but dont waste much time doing this and mainly focus on vinyl and moving quickly. I score a Subway Art 1st edition book in the next chazza which makes me smile and encourages me. I already have it but you can,t leave it there can you. Third chazza has vinyl, normal dross, but then some european 12" singles. I don,t recognize any names or labels, its all in foreign writing. About half way through these something feels different, my diggers alert is heightened, i pull it out slowly its upside down i can,t tell what it is but it looks and feels "right". When i turn it around i realize its "Rap Attack" by the Family Four 12" single on the Tyson label. I dont know this record but guess it to be a £20? record or maybe up to £60 or 70 with the current popularity of random rap. I google-popsike it when i get home but nothing comes up, so it makes its way to the back of my digs box. My mate Russ Rockwell visited at xmas and when i played it he jumped up and shouted "That shits mad rare! its in the Freddy Fresh book!" "And I know someone who wants to buy it too, Whirlwind D" We popsike it again and a copy has just sold for £1,200! I arrange a price with Whirlwind D over the phone and we arrange to meet. Just as he ius about to sign the cheque he asks me the one question that i did not want to be asked "Can i ask where you got it from?". I felt myself go bright red and mumbled "from a charity shop for a pound" He was very surprised, we laughed and he signed the cheque. I would never normally accept a cheque for a large amount but my mate said he was cool and i knew that he worked for Record Collector magazine. The record ended up being featured by him in there. The moral of the story is- Never stop digging! even in the uk you dont know what you just might find...