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Records Which You Have Radically Revised Your Opinion Of

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  • Records Which You Have Radically Revised Your Opinion Of

    One of mine is Swiss Mountain Music which I picked up in a charity shop long ago for the epic pipe smoking and alphorn cover. A major bonus was the picture of the band with the accordion playing polar bear on the rear of the cover.

    So far, so comedy, and it got filed next to Will Glahe's Percussive Oompah and the like as generic Oktoberfest fare.

    Some years later, scrabbling for space and rearranging shelves, I ended up sticking it on for no particularly good reason. And my tastes have clearly shifted, because the opening "Alphorn With Cattle Bells" blew me away - an amazing, hypnotic atmosphere instead of a source of smirk. Elsewhere there is beautiful, angelic yodelling ('Appenzeller Yodel' and 'The Listener' in particular, with chorus and jingling accompaniments are pure magic). While not everything on the record escapes oompah taint, I absolutely love those elements of it that feel like genuine field recordings (whether that's true or not is moot).

    I got a fever, and the only prescription is, more cowbell.

    Bet there are loads more interesting things on the shelf...

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    Yeah I love this record too...

    There are a few highlights but the one that got me was the one with the rolling coins... I put it on my exotica mix I did for the VG+ Xmas swap a few years back.
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      Hmmm, there's a few but my most radically revised opinion came of this

      I was simply looking for some latin flavoured funk and this is what was recommended by the guy in hairy records (r.i.p) When I got it home it screamed cheese, lots of campness, I got impatient and skipped the good parts, so last week I gave it a proper listen and I found my self getting on up and doing my thang. For reals.
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        I used to have that Swiss record. There are a couple of cool tracks.

        There are much better Swiss titles on CNRS, Dutch Philips, and Cellier.

        Plus a lot of cool clips on youtube: