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  • LP's/45's or both?

    I was just looking at Col Wolfes interesting CBS chart of singles and this reminded me of the vast area that is 45's. Some of you on here have so many unusual/rare 45's (not to mention LP's) and I wonder do some of you concentrate soley on 45's now. Have some of you got so many LP's now that 45's have become your main hunting ground?

    Even after buying records for 20 years I have barely touched the surface for LP's and when you buy pretty much all genre's how the hell do some of you also look for 45's?

    I will always head for the LP box whether its charity, market, record shop, ebay etc. I quite often don't even look at the 45's at a market/car boot
    incase I'm wasting valuable time on crud when the next stall might hold a box of interesting LP's.

    I know so many things came out on 45 only so I'm only shooting myself in the foot but I just don't feel the same affinity towards 45's compared to LP's ie studying picture sleeve/list of musicians/sleeve notes etc.

    Anyone share my views?

    NB I know for you DJ's that there handy and the pressings are usually louder than LP's.
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    Always been 45s for me and I think this comes from the music scenes I've been associated with half my life (northern soul + mod/6Ts stuff). It's quite rare for DJs from these arenas to be seen spinning non-45 formats.

    If I buy an LP it has to be really special (or a comp of 45s!)
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      Got too many 45s, and nowhere proper to keep 'em - they're too small for most commercially available shelving.

      Trouble is, there's a lot of good stuff out there that never made it to LP, so I suppose I'll have to keep buying the little blighters - but I do so under protest!


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        For me, it's almost solely 45s. I buy LPs only when they are a buck or two, and I generally don't go near them unless there are no 45s to be found. I'd rather (and generally do) go through every 45 in the place......

        I have to agree with Col. Wolfe a bit here - coming from the mod/60s/soul side of collecting, 45s are really the way to go, although I would buy the occassional LP when there were some non-45 niceness to be found.

        I know my wife is happy, too, as LPs take up much more room......


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          Strickly 78s and 33rpm flexi discs.
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            I buy anything vinyl with good music on it. and if anyone limits themselves to a certain format then they are a proper ideeiot!
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              Originally posted by sermad
              I buy anything vinyl with good music on it. and if anyone limits themselves to a certain format then they are a proper ideeiot!
              Every now and again I realize this and buy a few LPs, but then I get back into my 45 hoarding ways. For instance, I bought a few still sealed 70s Fania LPs last week, and I have yet to open them, as I am considering trading them for 45s.....


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                  I mostly by LPs then regret when I DJ with my 100 LP record box, boy it weighs a ton and I think CDs and 45s are the thing. Then I forget and go on buying LPs anyway. I think they both have advantaged there are tracks on LPs you can't get on 45 and the other way round. I just collect music really and don't really mind how I get it. But I do think that generally LP pressings give a better sound then a 45?
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                    I buy owt me.

                    45's are better for hand to hand combat at close quarters...
                    If you're looking for a pristine copy then this isn't the one for you. The vinyl looks like someone has polished their brickwork with it and the label has been ruined by some fool with a pen.