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DJ Michel Gentil - Le Frisson Des Occultistes mix

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  • DJ Michel Gentil - Le Frisson Des Occultistes mix

    Awesome mix filled with samples of 60s-70s exploitation/horror movies and obscure psych rock / soundtracks.

    "Wonderfully lost in time and vintage colored 90 minute Technicolor dream Le Frisson Des Occultistes (somehow, everything sounds better in French) cassette from the Ghent based DJ Michel Gentil delves deep into the abandon of the occult, reviving the taboo atmosphere of 60’s and 70’s (s)exploitation movies with a synthedelic edge pushing forth the sweaty psychedelic speed funk between Satanic invokations and dusted folk ballads. Sex and Devil worship mix here into a flowery tapestry which lures innocent girls into wild orgies with stroboscopic lights and bad acid trips, which might make one end either in the ninth circle of hell or the psychiatric ward. This is a powerful potion here, folks. Some serious witchcraft awaits. Don’t take this lightly, keep your third eye peeled and your ears open. Highly recommended". (Weed Temple Blog).

    "There’s an element of absurdity to Le Frisson Des Occultistes but it’s that aspect of this tape that has me hooked. DJ Michel Gentil is one of the guys from the esteemed Silvester Anfang, apparently, and this tape dials into a different side of the occult-heavy vibes I’m accustomed to from that Belgian sect. It’s all over the place and that’s why it works and keeps the listener engaged throughout (it’s almost 90 minutes long). At the best of times I have no idea what is going on here and what is coming next and that’s about the best compliment I can give this. Get in and get lost. (

    It's released as a cassette on the Belgian label 'Social Harmony' from Ghent (Cassette is limited edition of 80 copies, exists in two versions: VHS style package and normal cassette case).

    But you can also listen/download it for free on the bandcamp page of Social Harmony.

    I think most of you will like this. The guy who made this mix is one of the dudes of Belgian experimental psych/kraut ensemble Sylvester Anfang II. Also highly recommended.

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    Here's the bandcamp link:


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      This looks awesome - but why tape? I hate this resurgence of bullshit tape releases. I haven't' got a fucking tape player!

      The new Dom Thomas mixes are only being released on limited cassette tape too. Bah!
      Muchos mixes <<<<



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        In a similar vibe i would heartily recommend this:

        Lots of frightening electronic burbles and moods whipped straight off a bunch of very obscure 70s horrors…. Excellent atmosphere to it.
        Muchos mixes <<<<



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          sorry for the late reply ... totally forgot about this topic haha

          Thanks for the mix ! I love that kind of stuff !

          About tapes ... it all feeds into peoples need or want to have an actual physical product.

          As a sound purist I would always choose wax ... unfortunately a lot of underground bands in the garage / psych rock scene I dig don't have the money to release their music on vinyl.

          I still don't have a tape player, but i'm planning to buy one in the near future ... there's just too much good music being released on tape!

          But some aspects of the cassette revival are ridiculous.

          I've noticed for instance that some people are willing to pay more for a tape than for the actual vinyl release ... just because it was produced in limited quantities.

          Morgan Delt's "Psychic Death Hole" tape goes for more money than the limited vinyl reissue (with more songs).

          And check this out .. crazy ...

          300 € + for a fucking 'vaporwave' release ... basically it's just a bunch of recycled 80's elevator music with some effects ...


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            The most annoying thing about the tape revivial is the poor quality of a lot of the modern casettes.

            Due to techno hassle I've been using an old Sony walkman for the last month and a lot of the new tapes I have won't play properly but old ones I made for myself in the 90s play fine.
            Enthusiastic vagueness passes for scholarship in the twilight world of the disc-jockey.

            John Peel