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    Couple of questions here for the Vultures in the Southern Hemisphere.

    I'm off on a sabattical from work from April to September. I'm spending the majority of my time teaching diving in Thailand but I'm also coming to NZ for a month and a half to coincide with the Lions tour. I have managed to secure a ticket for the final test in Auckland but I'm looking for tickets to the other games. If anyone has any contacts then I would be most grateful.

    I'm also going to try to do a little digging whilst over there and would love to meet up for a beer with any vultures. Drop me a line.

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    Thanks Col, post it up when you find it.

    I know there are some kiwi vultures on here. Show yourselves!!


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      I'm in melbourne but am a kiwi - heading to Ak this Thursday actually ..
      don't think you'll have too much luck with more tickets - from what I hear its going to be an incredibly popular tour

      there are record shops in the main centres, I only ever really go to AK but I know formigo gets around a little (he's in Ak too), it can be a little dry on the ground, sadly there are no quincy conserve LPs lying around (there are lots of dj's in nz!) but with any luck you'll manage to catch a performance by one of the local funk bands, $1 million dollars, the hot grits or !?! (help me out murray)


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        ...or Odessa!

        Who, not incidentally, had me shrieking like a 1930s lady encountering a mouse in the kitchen last night. Excellent gig.

        If you're in Auckland then you should check out Real Groovy, big store it has basically demolished all competition in the central city. 2nd hand vinyl is really only an unimportant fraction of their business but they have a lot of stuff and the stock turnover is pretty high. On a good day you can find a swag of decent stuff there and coming from the UK you should find the prices extremely cheap. There are a couple of stores out in the suburbs but they're pretty weak. I'd be down to tilt the arm with a fellow vulture if you're visiting Auckland.

        Anyway, drop me a PM/email. I know some spots in the other centres too.

        Rolex: there is some new monthly thing starting up over here later in March which, from what I can tell, is gonna be some sort of Breakestra-style live "funk hits" covers thing. Could be decent...


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          Although im not Auckland based, a good place to visit is Conch Records, just off Queen Street (Anyone know the address?) haven't been there in a while, but last time my mate was hooked up with some nice stuff by Cian the owner.

          Talking of Real Groovy, I was up there a month ago and picked up a quincy conserve lp for cheap, check out the New Zealand section.

          Happy Trails!


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            odessa - yes !

            gravy boat, I saw you post about the 'just listen' LP a while back, nice scoop, real groovy hasn't been too fruitful my last few visits but thats not to say I'll skip it on me coming trip

            add beat merchants to your list illmod, its near conch, victoria st east I think it is .. hip hop shop with some decent reggae bins


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              Thanks for your replies guys. I'll send out some pm's closer to the time an hopefully meet up with you guys for a beer or two.


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                There's also Real Groovy in Wellington Mark, if you're touring around at all. And there's plenty of proper junk shops (seemed to be one in every town) which are always worth a look for a proper dig.
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