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  • Ebay again

    they now have a special 20 free listings a month.. sounds really good. untill you check the print and anything over the 20 is charged at 35p an item!.
    im not sure what they are trying to do, it just seems to be alienating the people that made it what it is.

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    When they say "free" do they not mean the basic listing (which costs 10p or something) - and if you add subtitles (35p), show item worldwide (10p), scheduled start time (10p) etc they tag all that stuff on? And you obviously pay the final value fee... Never really seen the appeal - been that long since I sold anything on there I have no idea what they charge, apart from 10% of selling price and 10% of postage (??????).
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      no idea, it just says free, and then 35p.
      it used to have 100 free media items if you list them for 99p, which was good for listing dvds and cds.
      its getting pretty hard to sell on there now. but it still seems to be rammed full of stuff. i am noticing that people just seem to list albums for about £20 now, like thats the standard price for them. bit wierd.