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  • Ennio Morricone

    ive been listening to loads of Ennio Morricone latley, i have quite a few soundtracks, but out of the massive catalogue he has recorded what rates highly in your collection?

    ive probably asked this before, my listening habits go round in circles. also really liking David Axelrod again at the moment.

    while im on it, has anyone reissued Ennio Morricone soundtracks to make them a bit more accessible? like the fashion for Horror soundtracks at the moment?

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    Citta' Violenta, I think its my all time favourite. Havnt seen any reissues


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      I absolutely love Morricone - will post up a few pics when i'm nearer my collection
      Muchos mixes <<<<



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        Here's some favourites that get pulled out pretty regularly

        spooky/giallo OSTs:

        some Spaghetti awesomeness:

        And a few Italian libraries with Morricone gold on:

        There's a lot of really great 45s as well - Japanese presses can yield some tough cuts on B-sides for instance…. will try and take some pics of these tomorrow if i can get a chance.
        Muchos mixes <<<<



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          Im a Morricone fiend! So much awesome stuff. Joe covered some great ones. Here's some of my favorites -

          A Lizard In A Woman's Skin
          The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
          Duck You Sucker
          My Name Is Nobody
          Violent City
          The Burglars
          The Black Belly Of The Tarantula
          Four Flies On Grey Velvet
          The Sicilian Clan
          Cold Eyes Of Fear
          See, you don't get those haircuts on your mp3s.


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            Citta' Violenta is also one of my favorites.


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              Here's some more that I like:

              Svegliatti E Uccidi (which i think translates as Wake Up And Die). This is an early score, and great great stuff with typewriter machine gun, sinister guitar and all. I picked it up on a 1980s RCA issue.

              I just mentioned Un Uomo Da Rispettare in this month's finds, but check out this 11 minute title track, incredible:

              Nostromo is easy to overlook, as it's a late (1996) score for an Italian TV series, CD only. Excellent though:

              Two Mules For Sister Sara boasts this donkey-tastic piece: