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Can You Tell These from The Originals?TOTP LPs live!!!

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  • Can You Tell These from The Originals?TOTP LPs live!!!

    Back in UK, inspecting my property empire, i found myself shopping in a Co-Op supermarket yesterday.

    They have piped music playing and it is TOTP -style copies of hit records. I thought this had completely died out outside this board....My questions:

    Has Lord Thames bagged a lucrative consultancy gig?

    Is there somewhere still knocking out these recordings? Some of them were fairly recent hits...
    Endless Tripe

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    I remember back in the late 90s / early 2000s seeing these kind of 'popular at the time' cover versions on cds.
    See, you don't get those haircuts on your mp3s.


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      You can experience the same horror in my local Co-op also.

      It's slightly embarrassing when you find yourself humming along and then realise you're humming along to a version of some pop song or other that's even worse than the original.
      Hull Music Archive


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        B&Q also have these.

        Presumably it's the same story of only having to pay PRS but not PPL fees.