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PayPal question (sorry)

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  • PayPal question (sorry)

    Don't seem to be able to change a payment option for an Ebay purchase currently. Anyone expierencing a similar problem?
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    Things ain't getting no brighter, load ain't getting no lighter.........

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    Things ain't getting no brighter, load ain't getting no lighter.........


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      Ok, so another borin paypal question

      I sold a record through discogs to an Italian guy with no feedback, not from sellers or buyers.

      I sent him the invoice and now I get an email from paypal that they re verifying the payment the Italian guy sent me, with the advice to wait for their green light before continuing the transaction. They re also forwarding me to their seller protection page so I can check if my object is ’covered’.

      I ve never had this ’warning’ before. What is this? Is this common practice? Should I cancel the transaction.

      Sorry for the boring question and thanks for your advice ☺☺


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        Prob new to paypal as well as discogs thats why , do not send without signed for/recorded del , if he, or you, wont pay for that cancel


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          Hi Reza, thanks for your reply.

          Since I heard so many bad things thing about the Italian postal service I already made him pay for registered mail. I will send it signed for, just to make sure.

          I thought that maybe he had a bad reputation over at paypal (discussions, non payment, refund, ....that sort of thing)?


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            I also don't understand how paypal can block the payment coming through?

            If he sent me the money, using paypal, who are they to judge what/where/who/how it's for?