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    Slightly off topic here I realise but I'm hoping maybe someone's had a similar experience and can help or point me in the direction of a useful web resource.

    I had to reformat my HD last week due to OS problems, and - since then - the PC doesn't appear to recognise USB devices that it previously recognised. I've checked the USB settings under the device manager and they're all showing as enabled, however there's no activity at all when plugging a USB device into the PC, regardless of the port or cable used.

    Any assistance / advice greatly appreciated!!

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    what os do you use?

    I would go to and install all the updates. <- Changed URL


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      Originally posted by sermad
      what os do you use?

      I would go to and install all the updates.
      Win XP Home Edition, with all the latest updates - SP2 was supposed to resolve this but it hasn't, and as it's not giving any error msg (or any msg at all) i'm a bit stumped


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        You may need to reinstall the drivers that came with your motherboard . If you don't have the CD anymore then download the drives of the motherboard manufacturers website. If you need more help PM me, I have had the same trouble in the past
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          Ziggy is on the right lines. You need to install your motherboards chipset drivers.

          When you turn your computer on, it will flash up the motherboard make and model. Then it should be pretty easy to sort this out.
 <- Changed URL


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            all sorted, thanks chaps, much appreciated, that's done it.

            i knew there had to be a simpler method than the manufacturer's website recommendation. "re-wire the 'board" my *rs*!