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    Now that the booting season will start up soon, my 3 fave pastimes in the world can be all satisfied in one easy day. ie.

    Buying brill records at booters.
    Eating top scran.
    Drinking top ales.

    So when you are out about in the sticks where do you go to sample a bit of the local juice?

    In sussex I know of a few superb places.

    Jolly Sportsman, East Chiltington -

    Amazing food at really spot on prices. A main will be £15 tops and it has a top selection of ales. They do have a less fancy/cheaper (but still great pub menu). About 10 minutes from Lewes and maybe 20/30 mins from Brighton. Very nice garden for the kids too.

    The Griffin Inn, Fletching -

    This is fairly close more on the way to london. Maybe 45 mins from brighton as its pretty darn fiddly to find! The views from this place are just superb. Really really nice on a summers day. The prices are a bit more expensive than the jolly sportsman - Maybe £15-£20 for a main so its more restaurant price than gastropub. Still very good. <- Changed URL

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    Good post Sermad............lazy summer afternoons in the country seem so far was snowing this morning....!
    A top choce that springs to mind for me is The Shephard & Dog in Fulking (i think it's in Fulking)..........about 30mins max west of Brighton.........gets very busy in the summer though..........just a lovely spot.......and you can walk up onto the downs from the beer garden...........breathtaking views..........perfect 'family day out' may well know this place already Sermad?