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  • Shadows of Knight question

    Saw something today which has me stumped: a copy of the Shadows of Knight's 2nd LP Back Door Men in the original US cover but with green/white/red Atlantic labels.
    No sign of the Dunwich logo on either label. GEMA/BIEM text present on both, suggesting it might be German, but there is no Germam text anywhere, which is unusual.
    Orighinal matrix numbers were scratched out and new ones added but I was in too much of a rush to write them down.
    Does anyone know this LP?
    Atlantic owned the first two albums from 1968 onwards, of course, and the first LP was issued in Germany in the (horrible) Atlantic Midi series in 1971.
    Any ideas?
    Dave Lee Roth, I Too Am Running With This Devil Of Which You Speak (sic)