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Beatnik, Altrincham to shut

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  • Beatnik, Altrincham to shut

    A tram ride from the main Manchester vinyl trail, Beatnik in Altrincham are set to close. A shame as they have only been open a short while and seemed to offer a lot more than just boxes of vinyl. Perhaps that was their undoing. Oh well, the stock seems to be going to Dig in Liverpool and the hipsters of Cheshire will have to journey into the city centre.
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    Sad news, I was only in there last week bought a nice Anthony Braxton reissue they didn't have much but it was nice to be able to stop and have a brew whilst digging especially if you have the missus with you and they did have some choice vinyl in there. They used to have bands and q + a's in there also (jah wobble in the other week).

    There is a comic/model shop up the road from it that has a decent amount of vinyl + there is still Convoy records in Frodsham which is a great little place with a decent bloke running it for us Cheshirites to get a walk in vinyl fix.
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