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Elvis Presley 16/08/1977.

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  • Elvis Presley 16/08/1977.

    I was 19 when He died. Still the greatest.
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    Shouldn't this be in the 'arguing' thread ....


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      i was born the week later


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        When I was growing up he was always “The King” as far as my mother was concerned. Which was, I suppose, a different way of expressing the same idea.

        A while ago I bought her the 5 CD box set of 70’s masters. She never listened to it. Gave it back. I sold it to a guy at work.

        I must ask her whether she still has a view on whether he is “The King”.


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          I was 9, and to be honest I never liked Elvis. I always thought he was a bit of a wally as a kid, nothing's really changed though.
          It was around that time I saw Kraftwerk on the telly and that was it for me.
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          Not As Great As His Very Best, But Pretty Much As Great As Most Anyone Else's.


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            I like some of the later albums - and I have to say that the comeback TV concert (1968) is an amazing experience to watch - and he is the epitome of black leather cool. The other great live album I have is the "That's the way it is" CD box set - 2 years later on from the comeback and the later era Elvis is fully (and larger) formed - fantastic band and true star quality.
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              Would Presley have been a good replacement for Morrison in the Doors? It occurred to me that if he’d done “LA Woman” it would’ve sat nicely in that box set. I read somewhere that the bass on those sessions was by Presley’ s bass player.

              No doubt both sides would have considered the idea ridiculous.


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                Elvis was a hero to most but he never meant shit to me you see, straight up racist that sucker was, simple and plain .


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                  Originally posted by Big Youth View Post
                  Elvis was a hero to most but he never meant shit to me you see, straight up racist that sucker was, simple and plain .
                  Been there, done that.
                  You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.


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                    I'd never heard that he was a racist.

                    Even less likely as a Doors front-man, then.

                    Unless anyone has similar news for me about the Doors.


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                      Suggesting Elvis could front the Doors might seem odd to us now (except in the sense of one egomaniac replacing another), but I remember reading Jerry Garcia talking about Woodstock, how great it was and all that, but adding that Elvis should have been there, because he was still The King of Rock And Roll. This was a jarring juxtaposition for me, a 60s counter culture figure holding Elvis in such high esteem, but it's a generational thing, I think. I was 12 when Elvis died. Appreciation for his work seemed to be confined to the older generation, though I recall boys at school with '50s Rock'n'Roll fixations (I presumed these were the people who bought Showaddywaddy records). By then, Elvis had become a bit of a cartoon figure. Later, when I heard his 'good' records, he seemed less a figure of fun and I could better appreciate his importance in the evolution of popular music, even if those records rarely spoke to me. And I never understood him as an icon of cool - he always looked vaguely ridiculous to me, over preened and plastic, and any association with motorbikes, leather jackets and being a rebel was completely laughable. Singling him out now as a racist seems unfair. I would've thought he was no more or less unenlightened that anyone else of his background and generation.
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                        Don't forget Elvis had a spiritual/hippy/Yoga phase in the mid sixties with his own guru that really pissed off the TCB boys. He could've become a counter-cultural pope at Woodstock and we might be all living on co-operative solar rockabilly farms by now if it weren't for the barbituarates and burgers that never let him become a vegetarian.

                        The second of Peter Guralnick's two volume biography (Careless Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley) is bloody awesome. I read it to take my mind off waiting for my dear grandmother to die. It was a strange weekend, knowing that she was going to die after living such a full life, and knowing that Elvis was going to die, when I got to the end of the book.

                        She was better than Elvis, but Elvis was more iconic, granted.
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