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  • Question for sermad

    Oh Lord of the Swing

    what is the origin for this cut on the soul strut mix please, please, please? It's truly deep!

    Cantata Per Maryam - Piero Umiliani

    .....and I noticed you had the Battered Ornaments, is this from the Mantle Piece joint? I thought it was a UK only pressing but today saw a US issue. I been looking for that for a bit. What is the chances of finding that at a booter?
    I was raised by wolves

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    Thats off an umiliani library. I got it off a certain French man.

    I hear whispers that its going to be reissued/comped very soon.

    Yep that battered ornaments cut is off Mantle Piece. Yep Im fairly sure there is a US pressing. Is the uk on harvest or something?

    Im not sure cos I traded mine...Need to get it back! Is their other lp good - Ive never seen it or know anyone with it.

    ...Boot good chance as not much! Its not that rare just its always booked at 60-80 ish.

    Great record if you like wibbly progressive jazz fusion with heavy drums. <- Changed URL


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      Sorry to butt in but I just received the US pressing of Mantle-Piece yesterday, Mr. Fiend. Same sleeve, and both are on Harvest but the US is SKAO-422 rather than SHVL 758. Paid about £30 and it is so good&#33; Mine&#39;s in Ex/Ex nick and the seller sold a UK press at the same time, with a G+ cover, for twice the amount I paid? Obviously the UK pressing is more sought after but I still do not understand that. Seems to be far more economical to buy US pressings of loads of the prog gear...

      You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.


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        I am soooooo skint right now but I&#39;m gonna sell a few joints soon and with that cash I&#39;m gonna throw myself into the dark and hairy pool of prog assed psycho-delilah&#33;
        I&#39;m aftter this Mantle Piece, the Don Shinn [Sermad, I can tell you&#39;re feeling that one] and a really, really obscure thing called Staff Carpenberg and the Electric Corona...Seriously&#33; When mentioned to another certain French man, he didnt even know it and that is saying something
        Re, the Mantle Piece, there is a US print and, believe this, a Russian CD release?

        I missed the UK press on the bay a few weeks ago cos I never realised it was rather sought after. That is untill I went thru some old back lists from Resolution and saw Mark put it out for some heavy cheddar.

        Anyway, gotta go as I&#39;m trying for the meet up tonite, albeit a lightning fast show from me

        By the way Sermad, where the flip flop is the spoken edit from on that mix you, the bit about Mum&#39;s body, i know I saw this film&#33;
        I was raised by wolves


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          Sorry to but in but that bit of spoken word is from &quot;Loot&quot; - one of the best OSTs ever I reckon.
          "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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            Does this mean then that I never did see this movie? i am sure I have seen this just thinking of the spoken bit, did it ever get an airing on the beeb?
            I was raised by wolves


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              Originally posted by [b
              Quote[/b] (sermad @ 04 June 2003,14:23)]Thats off an umiliani library. I got it off a certain French man.

              I hear whispers that its going to be reissued/comped very soon.
              reish, Grrrrr