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Good tracks from crap artists.

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  • Good tracks from crap artists.

    I know this has been covered before (maybe to death?) but there's always a special thrill in finding a good track by an otherwise dull band or musician.

    Actually, it would make a good theme for a comp.

    Anyway, here's a a couple of recent discoveries from me:

    Acker Bilk - Blood Pressure (from 'Leave off... it's us!'): Ok, so it's not such a great track but half-way thru this pretty ordinary jazz/rock kind of thing suddenly the lead horn goes in one side of a Moog and comes out sounding like something else entirely.

    Peter, Paul & Mary - Norman Normal (from 'Album'): I'm sure there are a few PP&M fans on the board but they don't normally float my boat, however this track is a ripper. From the back cover it sounds like it was all recorded using just the human voice...

    5th Dimension - Dimension 5 (from 'Portrait'?): Ok, again not strictly a shite group but this track for me is superb while the rest of their output leaves me a bit cold. Bup-bup-baaaaa....


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    I find it hard to call them crap artists....when confronted by an absolute belter of a song....


    10cc - Worst Band in the World (From Sheet Music) Superb Sci-Fi breaks all over the shop with the usual tongue firmly in cheekness...and best of all they even admit the fact they're crap in the title of the song and the name of the album Sheet Music Ged it?

    Country be dyin like poor people do
    Hospitals be closing...doors to me and you (Lopazz - Blood)

    And here's some other stuff that i get up to...